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Thursday, April 12, 2007

About Testinside CCNA Exam


Testinside is only for CCNA knowledge needed to pass.

Here you find explanation for CCNA exam questions.

To discuss and understand the concept of CCNA questions.

This also helps you if you had already learned the CCNA concepts and wish to test yourself before atempting the actual CCNA exam.


Router & switch simulator questions of CCNA exam are also explained in detail
Check : ACL SIM and VTP SIM (640-801 exam)

New SIM: NAT (640-802 exam)

CCNA Exam Topics : Troubleshooting , Drag & Drop, Planning and Designing

Note: Drag & Drop is still same for 640-802 exam.

{ Currently i am working on this blog , please visit again or check archive section }

wISH yOU Best oF LucK for ccna


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much
I passed CCNA today 1000/1000
This web help me a lot of
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Before Testinside - 823/1000
After Testinside - 923/1000!

Thanks for the edge!

Mohammed said...

Could any one help me where can i get free online CCSP and CCNP real exam questions to download like for CCNA blog.
Appreciate your help.

a3tips said...

Hi Mohammed,

Check this site u can download from

Hope this helps

jdajose said...

is there any chance that the exam could be changed within oct..?? becoz thats the time im planning to take the exam.. tnks//

a3tips said...

Hi Jose,

current exam 640-801 CCNA is still available upto 6 november 2007.


Anonymous said...

hi ,, im very confused now with all the wrong answers in p4s.. i dont know now whats right and wrong.. my question is, are all these questions you posted here are exactly the ones in the pool of questions in the actual exam? becoz im getting very nervous everyday till my exam.. i havent sched yet for exam fearing that they will change the questions in the exam.. hope u answer this asap.. tnk u very much

a3tips said...


On this blog you find explanations for questions or you can ask for explanation for a particular question posted here.
I am glad to help you understanding the concept rather than just telling the correct answer.

This blog is currently for 640-801 exam (valid till 6th nov ).

I will update the blog in november for the new ccna exam 640-802.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks very much, your blog is so cool, thanks for all those explanation i passed yesterday 974/1000

Anonymous said...

Thanks -

Was really worried about whether I would pass the exam even with 9yrs experience with Cisco routers. With P4s and the info here got 987/1000 last Mon 1st time through.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much indeed
I passed my CCNA today with 961
You were a wealth of knowledge and I'm sure I'll be back when I need help for my CCNP and wireless

Thanks again, Rockford.......

Anonymous said...

Thank you soooo much!
First time failed one question under 849...
2nd attempt after reading this site: 974!

Riddler said...

Thank you !!!!!!!!

A 936 in this exam would be quite impossible without this blog !

Hope you come out with something for the new format . A lot of people I know are planning to write the new format.

And I've clicked almost all the ads on this blog.Hope that brings in a lot of moolah ! That's the least I could do for u !

a3tips said...

Hi riddler,

Yes I am working out on the new exam also. please refer your friends who are planning to write new ccna 640-802 exam I would be glad to help them...

Thanks for you contribution


BluesRhythm said...

Astonishing site & remarkable effort
thanks to god i just passed my exam (640-801) with score of 1000/1000
this site helped me a lot , my recommendation is (if you allow me)
1-solid understanding for the study material
2-full understand for the questions & explanation on this site
3- a lot of practice with p4s latest versions
& good luck everyone with new ccna

a_new_ccna.ph said...

Thank you very much for the wonderful explainations. I only reviewed for 5 days and this site has enlighten me to understand vtp, access-list and other stuffs.

Please continue whats you'ved been doing. Btw, I scored 1000/1000.

Mr said...

Hello a3tips,

Does your blog have explanations for all the questions asked in the current CCNA? Is it possible that there are other questions that could be asked in the exam that arn't explained in your blog?

ps. i sat the 640-811 last week (31/10) but failed by a few marks. I cannot resit till 6/11/07 but the exam will expire on this date. I am now planning on sitting 640-801 instead but have not been studying the entire material - so im peaking out alittle :S

a3tips said...

Hi Mr

This blog currently covers only 640-801 exam.. from nov 6 i will be updating it to new ccna exam 640-802.


Anonymous said...

Thanks , I passed CCNA yesterday 961/1000 , It was my first time and was so nervous but at the end when i saw my score it was like , yes I did it!!!

thanks to this blog and P4S from Mexico !!


Ufax said...

Thank you alot A3tips...after finding about this site from sadikhov forum i studied from here and with my sybex and network visualiser...the vtp sims helped me tremendously well too..All props to you.Very good job.Im considering making a donation too..Passed with 987/1000 and wouldve done better if not for one stupid question i misread..All the same i feel the exam shouldve been a lot harder.Im sure it will be with the new curriculum.Over to CCNP now..Pls anyone with CCNP materials pls post a link for me .Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks A3tips

Before Testinside - 747/1000!
After Testinside - 923/1000!


Anonymous said...

Thanks a million ! I passed CCNA !
detail explanation on Simlet questions for topics on VTP and ACL is Super, Excellent !
Thanks again.

John Carter said...

hi a3tips

Thanks for your help and also when will you be able to do the same for 640-801?

Unfortunetely when i re-took the exam today only about 3 questions from this blog came up in the exam. Any idea why this is?

For everyone else, was every single question in your exam one from this blog?


a3tips said...

Hi John,

That sad to know you have failed your exam on last day of test..

Yes I am preparing guide for the 640-802 new exam...

Most of the questions explained at this blog are usually from pass4sure and testinside..

Best of luck to new CCNA exam...


John Carter said...

hi a3tips

I look foward to the new guide for the new exam, however can you answer me one question

From the questions in this blog, are they normally most of the questions that come up in the exam?

reason i ask is becuase only a few of them came up, but i do not know if that is because this is the third time i have taken this exam?

A question for everyone else that took the exam, was the mojority of the questions ones from this blog?

Many Thanks

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for ur wonderful site and material.thank God i passed my ccna with 1000/1000 yesterday.thanks and God bless u.and also i want to know when similar work is going to done on the various ccnp exams.thanks again.

yaw from Ghana.

Anonymous said...

hi john,

i took the exam on tuesday (the last chance for the 640-801 exam) and maybe 5 questions from “troubleshooting”, “planning & designing” are came up in the exam . but the “acl sim”, “vtp sim” and the questions from “drag and drop” were correct.

i am shure, next time i will pass the exam.
thanks to a3tips!

48:13.11 N - 16:22.12 E.

jacob james said...

hi a3tips

would you be able to point me in the right direction for the latest copy of pass4sure and testinside for 640-802?

If you could do this then i would be most greatful!

Many Thanks

a3tips said...

Hi james,

Check this site u can download from

Hope this helps

markm said...


Anonymous said...

Hi a3tips,

Thank you so much for new 640-802 items. Is that all are exactly the same questions in the actual exam? There are some old items here. Should we wait for the full version or take the exam with these items here? Please advise.


a3tips said...

Hi chondan,

I have only completed two topics of New CCNA topics along with the SIMS and Hotspot questions..

I am updating this site regularly to finish the entire topics as soon as possible.

Best of luck to your CCNA exam preparation..


Moze said...

Hi a3tips, I passed today CCNA 640-802 with 947/1000 and this was because of your kind help on this blog. Keep it up man! I plan to to CCIP soon, can you guide me on how to find the right preps. Thank u.MZe

Anonymous said...

Hi Chondan

All you need to pass this new 640-802 is almost covered on this blog.I used it for 1 week and passed! MS


Thanks Boss... By Looking from time to time on your blog ... i am able to get 973/1000 in exam 640-802.
Heartiest thanks once again.

Munesh Kumar
Core Network Engineer

blindswitch said...

Hey thanks for all your help.. I have a question about one of the
p4s questions.. it's question #5.. it's a hotspot question and I have seen a couple different answers for it.. can you please comnfirm the correct answers -

a3tips said...

Hi blindswitch,

check here for hotspot



WHIT!! said...

I just wanted to say a big thanks. passed earlier on this month with a 936 after studying for 2 nights (recertified).

cheers :-)

blindswitch said...

thanks.. I agree on all except the default route over NAT.. somebody took the test and got 1000/1000 and they entered same info you had, except the NAT.. I am takign test tomorrow.. how sure are you about your answers?


a3tips said...

Hi blindswitch,

Go with the NAT option for Q4 in hotspot...

Best of luck to ur exam

tonaiwu said...

Thank you very much for all your work in helping people pass CCNA. May God bless you richly!
I took the exam today and I passed 920/1000 after two other failed attempts before Testinside ( and all those helpful links!). All your questions and answers just rock! I felt good with the configurations...like a real pro!
Thanks again.

aris2000 said...

Thanks a lot Guys for this blog. It really help me a lot especially Nat Simulation... I passed today 1000/1000
Thanks again

andy1982 said...

Hi guys,any updated question???like wi-fi and new sim question???

thx for all the question and answer :)


a3tips said...

Hi Andy,

Updated WLAN questions.
New Sims and hotspot are already explained.

Hope this helps

andy1982 said...

Hi a3tips,thx for the new wi-fi question,i get 1000/1000 score today :)

cheers for all!!!!!!!!!!

Vtrrx78 said...


Thanks for this website. I got a 907/1000 and passed this morning.

Any other websites you can recommend for the CCNP?

Would Boson products be a good simulation and test tool similar to the test from Cisco?

Cheers to all and a Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

Dear all,

I passed 640-802 on saturday. i feel happy to thank all u guys, especially this blog admin. thanks

Anonymous said...

I passed CCNA today at my second attempt. Your blog made all the difference. Thanks for your help.

Anonymous said...

Passed CCNA yesterday 986/1000

Same questions as on this blog

Well done for putting them on

shakeer said...

Hi, Thanks to Testinside CCNA blogger. I got good information to clear my CCNA exam. Today only i cleared my CCNA exam. i scored 1000/1000.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanations in your blog, I passed CCNA today with 986/1000. Keep up the good work Sir.

Anonymous said...

great stuff! i passed today 885/1000. I had the NAT SIM and your SIM walk-through helped me know what was coming. Always good not to walk in cold.


Anonymous said...

I passed yesterday 960/1000 thanks for all the help. Do you have a blog for the CCNP series of exams?

Pedro said...

What are the materials you have used in all to study and pass the 640-802 exam, please?

Much success!

Anonymous said...

I passed the CCNA today with 986/1000. This website was instrumental in solidifying many of the concepts.

Many thanks!

karl said...

I passed CCNA today with 927 / 1000,
This great site helped me focus on the important issues.

/ Karl

Anonymous said...

Hi to Every body My name is Oswal Osuna I'm from Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico, I would like to thanks. my two Friends and I passed the CCNA last Febraury 8, and we're the three First people Certificated in 640-802 in Sinaloa State. Thanks a lot our score was up 900 pounds over 1000.
thanks again.

Amjad Shaikh said...

Hey all,
I passed CCNA yesterday (973/1000).
Every question was from pass4sure 2.93 and testinside blog. This website helped me a lot understanding the simulations. Simulation I faced were 3 router+1switch and NAT.
Thanks very much every one and admin.

Wish you all the best of luck.


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much. I passed CCNA 640-802 exam today 1000/1000. This blog helped me a lot. The explanations in this blog was very useful to strengthen my knowledge.
Once again thanks.

Kovilen Murden

kinz said...

hi all
i am going 2 write ccna exam on 10th march ...rite now i am studying p4s 93 and testinside ... the problem is some my friends said me that this dunmps are going to change .... is it true ? can anyone help me plz

Anonymous said...

I want to express my great THANK YOU to a3tips! The usefull materials published here, helped passed the cert exam today with the score 949/1000...

(It was my pleasure to buy you a beer :D

Anonymous said...

Mr/Mrs Testinside AKA Blog Administrator AKA a3tips,
I must say this website has turned out to be an awe inspiring jewel that has a deserved right to be on cyberspace.
Just sat my CCNA and passed with 936.
NAT SIM popped its little unsuspecting head up on my test screen, aswell as Topology Lab New and a few drag and drop questions i.e Q1 and Q6.
However, IP addresses were a bit different, which was to be expected.
Vast amounts of your content appeared in one way or another on the exam.
Between this godsend of a site and P4S, I maanaged to walk away with a pass...
Keep up the good work,

Anonymous said...

Hi a3tips,

as many of my predecessors already said:

This is an awesome knowledge base! If anyone asks me on how to best prepare for CCNA, I will answer:

1. Testinside Blog
2. P4S
3. Todd Lammle Book (from Sybex)

Keep on doing your job, very well done.

I passed with 973/1000, fyi.


Jules said...


Thank you for 'overload'

Let me invite for have 2 Big Pitcher of Beer!!!



Thant Cin said...

Hello Testinside Creator,

Thanks you so so much for your Blog.
I passed with 1000.
How about drinking ONline Beer!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello a3tips,

I would like to thank your job with this site. Today I cleared CCNA with 1000/1000. Some points:

- CCNA 640-802: NAT SIM (NEW)
- Topology Lab (New)
- Hotspot: Topology Based Questions (New)


-P4S v2.95
-Your marvellous blog ;)

Thank you very much again!!!!

Manoo said...

Can you please help me out with this one P4S v 2.95, Q.51:

Which two statements are true about the command ip route

a) It established a static route to the network
b) It establishes a static route to network
c) It configures the router to send any traffic for an unknown destination to the network
d) It configures the router to send any traffic for an unknown destination out the interface with the address
e) It uses the default administrative distance
f) It is a route that would be used last if other routes to the same destination exist

I believe that answer a & c are correct but p4s says that a & e are correct


a3tips said...

Hi Manoo,

p4s options A and E are correct..

Which two statements are true about the command ip route

Above question statment is for creating a static route to network.

Option A provides this statement..

Next Option E provides it uses default administration distance..

Syntax for static route

ip route [destination ntw] [mask] [next-hop ip addr to reach destination ntw] optional [administrative distance]

Since for our question no optional statment used for Administration distance it is assumed it uses default AD value.

Option C It configures the router to send any traffic for an unknown destination to the network....

This is wrong since the statement is for only to provide route to ntw and does not create a default route..

Hope this helps


narayanan's blog said...

hai folks...i've cleared ccna with 933/1000 yesterday..thanks 2 d ppl who helped in buildin this forum, really useful..
thanks to al who helped me...:)

al questions r frm pass4sure v 2.95.
i wld have practiced tat intractive client more than 100 tyms frm past 2 week..

nat sim n 3 router n 1 switch wer my simulations.. tey have changd ip add for both these questions..
i finished my test in 40 mins in tensed mood ..:P

kamlesh said...

Thanks a ton... for ur work...
A3tips u Rokk man...
I cleared my exam on 16th with 973/1000 marks
dis is d gr8 site. and u r doing a gr8 work to help others I got
Nat Sim
3 Routers and 1 switch topology and a hotspot q`s
this site helped me a lot
I wud love to buy u 2 mugs of Beer....

Nij (nkacha@hotmail.com) said...


I have to say this is a really great site It is going to help me no end, i can tell.

I just wanted to ask, ive just been looking through the latest TestK dumps and there are a couple of questions at the end which im struggling with.

Is there a way we are able to post questions to yourself.

Once again, great work! keep it up!


00 said...

Thanks very much your site was amazing! Helped clarify the missing link for me…. Passed on third attempt having not used your site on the previous two occasions! Wish I had come here earlier!

Passed today 987, once again many thanks! Also used P4Sure and Certified Network Associate Study Guide: Exam 640-802, 6th Edition

Paul said...

Hi Guys,

This is wonderful. Anybody with an idea about the updated p4s as of 18/04/08?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the site, saving up for a retest on for the 802 and afterwards sending funds for beer. This is a very good site – better than all others. It tells people why an answer is correct for a better understanding of what we are reviewing. Found the link for the downloadable word doc but am unable to locate it again. Can you advise of it or post it? Also the screen shots are scary… very “life like” ;-). Can you advise of the last update of images to the site? Thanks a bunch.


Anonymous said...

May your knowledge never run dry!
I passed my CCNA today 1000/1000. It was incredible. I spent 1hr 32 mins. This blog is the Bomb. All the way from Nigeria, Africa. My name is Oladiamonds. Please, i need to move to CCNP. What next? Advice me!

mail me

Anonymous said...

Hi guys
Just pass CCNA exam today....everything from this site...3 router and 1 switch topology base lab and NAT simullation appeared in the exam with the changed IP...try to do good practice on subnetting, supernetting and summaraization....this blog helps u in this regard good enough.

pls use this download link for p4s 2.95 version, ip subnet calculator and network visulaizer 5.0 wid crack...lot of labs in this visulalize, better than any simulation software in market these days.

folder pswd: "enjoy"

Ben said...

Hi A3tips,

Thanks for everything on this blog. Really can't believe everything mentioned here were appearing on the exam. I scored 973/1000.

Looking forward for your CCNP resources :)

Tooz said...

Thanks for this Great site!!!
I passed with a 947/1000...
Now onto my CCNP.. Any good websites for that Cert you can recommend?


Macel said...

Hi guys
Just pass CCNA exam today....everything from this site...3 router and 1 switch topology base lab and NAT simullation appeared in the exam with the changed IP...try to do good practice on subnetting, supernetting and summaraization....this blog helps u in this regard good enough.

teguh said...

hi a3tips,
thanks very much for this web
I passed CCNA 947/1000
this is my first attempt

again thank you very much

from Indonesia

Anonymous said...

Hello A3tips.

Wanted to say thanks for your site. Sat my exam today 5/22 and passed with a 1000/1000. I couldn't believe it. Thank you all for the wonder blogs.

From the USA

Anonymous said...

do i need to study IP v6 for CCNA exam? and one more thing, there are topics in this Blog named with old, are there chances that they could appear in the exam?
CCNA champs are requested to reply!

Anonymous said...

Hi A3tips,
Thank you so much for your blog. I passed CCNA with 1000/1000. Some of the questions in the question banks are wrong and your blog have correct answers. I got hotspot topology based question and your blog explains the correct answer. I went with your answers and got 1000/1000.

Anonymous said...

Lammle (6th) + Cisco Press for 802 + this website will do it. Do not let SIM questions freak you out. If you get the Cisco press 802 version it has a CD you can load with BOSON. All one needs to do is forget about the simulator question asked when taking “exams” and practice on the show commands etc. After all is said and done, this website tied together the above referenced materials and helped me pass!

Batusai said...

Good Day..
Just pass the CCNA certification exam last june 3, 2008 with 947.. Reading review materials, and praying is my weapon for CCNA exam success. Finding this Blog is not just a co incident.. For me it is God's blessing.. Glory be to God.. A million thanks for the people who are maintaining this wonderful blog site.. See u again in CCNP God Speed!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful site. I passed my CCNA this weekend with 947/1000. I came across a lot of the same exact questions.

Tip to others is to study your own materials first then comb through this site hair by hair and know it like the back of your hand. You will be on your way.

To the author, do you have a blog site for the CCNP routing & switching or any other Cisco exams?

Anonymous said...

Buying you a pitcher my friend. Where is the page for the BSCI CCNP exam?

Passed in NY

a3tips said...

Congrats... check this for BSCI



Anonymous said...

many thanks to A3tips for this wonderful site. passed the test 2day . P4S 3.10 version most of the questions were on. same ACL NAT config as explained on this site and hotspot topology based question were on my exam.

Anonymous said...

hello a3tips,
Well It is a nice site! I've now clear some points which were in my mind. I have a question im pastin here..

In regard to router TestKing1; what is the function of the Frame Relay DLCI?
A. Defines the signaling standard between TestKing1 and TestKing2.
B. Classifies the encapsulation used between TestKing1 and TestKing2.
C. Identifies the circuit between TestKing2 and the frame switch.
D. Classifies the circuit between TestKing1 and TestKing2.
E. Defines the signaling standard between TestKing1 and the frame switch.

To me what Im understanding the right answer is "E" but in testking padf file the right answer is "C". It is confusin me i cannt paste the image of the ques, I hope u will get the ques. I'm going to attempt my exam on 2nd july 2008 INSHALLAH. Thanks for nice forum. :)

a3tips said...

Hi Regading your question about DLCI..
A DLCI is a number that identifies the logical circuit between the router and the Frame Relay switch.

So Answer C is correct.

Check quick notes section for more info about Frame-relay topics


Anonymous said...

Thanks... 974 today and you really deserved the beer!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a ton...I bought you a beer since I passed today. $3.00 is a deal when it comes to $250 test retakes.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, the day on July 11 this review my CCNA and my score was 1000, this blog I served much to solve the scenarios and estuiando a simulator. Thanks for the aportacion of this blog, is a success!

Anonymous said...

Hello.2 days ago i passed CCNA 640-801 with 1000 score.90% of questions are from p4sure 2.83 and this blog is very helpfull about answers.The admin did great job.Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone i nailed the exam with 1000, thanks to GOD and GOD sent angel a3tips. Topology Sim took me a whooping 36 minutes, NAT and 3R1S were also not easy because of different IPs. Without the XOR and AND operations i wudnt have nailed 1000, thanks a3tips for the advise! See ya all in CCNP.

Anonymous said...

Passed 640-802 today, 986/1000.
I had the NAT Sim and 3r1s SIM.
Used P4S 2.93, BOSON Tests and Testinside.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I just killed CCNA with 1000/1000:
- ALL Qs from P4S
- NAT Sim, 3R 1S SIM - Frame Relay SIM
- ALL Ip addresses was changed, don't memorise Ip addresses, read and understand the concept, othewise you fail
- In Fram Relay SIM You have to actually insert 2 commands on the router to see the info:
"show frame-relay map" and "show run"
- Learn to convert binary and calculate subnets, you don't have to do it fast, you have enough time to calculate
- I Spent 5 minutes to find how can I return from console to the question, there is an image on the left-bottom side on the screen, you have to click that!
- Try not only to pass, but to get high score, my employer needed someone CCNA with score higher than 950, thats gonna be the new tradition.

This site is really great,

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot ...
I was more than happy to buy you a beer ... you really helped me in getting my 976/1000 on 640-802.
(David from Italy)

Anonymous said...

I passed my CCNA last Friday, with much thanks to this site. Keep up the good work and now onto my CCNP studies.

Humphrey said...


My sincere gratitude to the person/people behind this site. I sat for my CCNA exam and scored 952/1000 marks in just one hour. The explanations given in the site are easy to understand and the materials fully cover the CCNA objectives.

Kindly give me a site similar to this that has materials on CCNP

Thank you so so much.
Humphrey - Nairobi, Kenya.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot,
got 978/1000, this blog was very useful for my final preparation a day before exam, i also recommend p4s


Anonymous said...

I've been studying for weeks and weeks and this site was key in me passing. I got a 897/1000!

Thank you a3tips!!!

Anonymous said...

2 week CCNA bootcamp, 1 week study time with bootcamp books, and this site.


Thanks much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this site. Just passed CCNA 640-802 with 917 today.

Had the VTP SIM, EIGRP SIM and TOPOLOGY LAB, but finished with half hour to spare.

I am not doing the CCNP BSCI 642-901 exam, can you point me in the right direction for simulators in this exam.

Thank you,

buka said...

really good stuff, thanks, i passed last month, just read all questions and simulator and you will pass gurranted.

Anonymous said...

Great site!!! I tried to access the Drag & Drop but it unavailable. DO you plan to put it back in the near future?

a3tips said...

I had to remove Drag & Drop page from site.. If any of you have drag & drop questions that need explanation you are free to post comment along with picture link .


Anonymous said...

great site..
i study p4s and from this site, today i passed exam 976/1000
thanks verymuch a3tips..


brk_01 said...

Thanks for site. It was the final touches on a boot camp and a couple of weeks of studying. 941 over 825 needed on 48qs. Last question was a VTP/VLAN topology - 5 questions. Had 15 minutes left, so plenty of time. Finsihed 4/5 of questions, about to click on the answer for the last question, and my foot bumped the power connection that fed to the (linksys) router supplying connection to the whole test center. Luckily it's all run off the server, so I only had to redo the last question.. but I only had 3 minutes vs 15 minutes. Hit done with 3 seconds left to go.
Anyway, again, this site was muy helpful on polishing off the final touches. I think one of 3 I missed was the EIGRP sim, I fixed the wrong AS and networks, but couldn't get a neighborship, think I missed a network on the existing side. But didn't want to spend too much time.

Anonymous said...


Had my CCNA Test yesterday Friday 13th.. And Passed !!
My Prep - 3 weeks.
1-1.5 weeks - Read/Studied ICND course books. You need to do this as you do need to understand. So you can work through P4S and Testinside answers and undesrtand them and cope if changed.
1 week on latest P4S sim ver.
1 week on this site.
Beween P4S and Testinside, I had my whole test covered. I had the VTP Sim, ACL sim, EIGRP sim. My score might have been better - had issues with VTP sim - VTP status, Sh VLAN - returned no output. So spent too much time on other methods to find answer. SH Run. Sh Int, etc etc... Rushed last questions as a result.
But Hats off to you. Gr8 site - but more importantly, your answers, explanations and knowledge are golden!

Anonymous said...

I would like to say thank you, your info really help me out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for creating this blog. I was concerned about the simulations on the test but was pretty confident about the written questions. This blog helped me get acclimated to the simulations and really understand what the test writers were asking for. I used this blog 3 days before my exam. Passed with 944, on first take.

mohammed manzoor said...

Hi dis is anwar , i am goin to write CCNA exam on june 30th , im not yet prepared well so i am going through this website and working with pass4sure dumps. Is this very helpful to pass my actual exam please i need ur comment bye take care

Laura said...


I'm going to take the 640-801. Did the questions change? Or still the same with p4s 2.83? Please answer me, anyone who recently took 640-801 exam. Pls pls! thanks

Aaron said...

I will be taking the 640-801 at the end of this month? i want to know if with the pass4sure v2.8 i will pass the exam and this site. Any other helpful information Good luck Laura.

See you guys

801 said...


I would be taking my 640-801 at the end of july.

If anybody out there who has done the exam, ur comments would be appreciated for revision


Anonymous said...

hello, i am Adrian i was wondering only the vtp and the acl sims are in the 640-801 retired exam ?

Anonymous said...

Guys, this is very helpful.

I want to sit my CCNA next month, but the study materials I have, I received from my old Job in 2007 - 640-801. I need to get material for the 640-802, what do you'll recommend. I've been looking into the Boson Products. You'll response would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I'm planning to take the CCNA test this month. Will I be able to pass the test if I go through pass4sure 3.22 and SIMS from this site? Please suggest me. Thanks !!!

Harini said...

today i gave my ccna exams n got 944..... thnx to ths bolg....

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You are the bomb dude. Thank you for this blog.

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Thanks a lot for this grate page...

ema rose said...

Thx to God i just passed my ccna today with score of 958/1000. This site helped me a lot, thx for all those explanation :)

- ema rose, malaysia -

justin said...

Thanks for all the info on this blog. I passed CCNA exam today 944/1000. There are some new questions on the exam, such as NAT, RSPT, VLAN, and Router Boot Process. The simulations questions are exactly the same. Lastly, You definitely get bear from me

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Congratulations Justin,

I am planning to clear the exam the next month, can you please guide me where to find the new questions you early mentionned


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excellent site !! thank u very much, your explication is very cleen and i am ccna now ! i will recomanded your site !! thank you so much.! 2x ;)

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i just want say
THANK you very much !!
your site is realy the best to be CCNA !!

Thank you for your good work !!!!


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Hey A3Tips,

I just gave the exam and scored 947. I wanted to THANK YOU for all the effort YOU put in this site and for the countless replies and explanations you give to your users.Its amazing for no return whatsoever someone is willing to help others so much. GOD BLESS YOU man!!!!

I also wanted to THANK ALL THE USERS for their invaluable comments and suggestions on the comment sections.



Infopier said...

Thanks man!

Hope I can get a good score too :)